Our Story

Alter Ego

By day Laura North is an interiors stylist. But when lockdown hit and styling work dried up, Laura became her illustrating alter ego - The Smithess - and her little business began. She has always, always drawn and illustrated and grabbed that time with both hands. Now she has a merry time being both!

Spreading Smiles
Life is serious enough, The Smithess is all about happiness, spreading smiles and sometimes being just a little bit naughty.  The Smithess firmly believes that drawing and painting (and generally just creating) is extremely good for your mental health and lives by the mantra 'make art, stay sane'.

The Smithess has recently invested in eco packaging. Cello wraps, envelopes and backing board are fully recycled and glassine envelopes are left unsealed so that you can re-use them.

The Smithess will happily send prints or cards to someone else's address for a birthday present or as a 'just because'. Feel free to leave a little note to include in the order.

Something special on your mind? If you have an idea that you would love to be drawn or indeed would like to make any changes to existing prints to make them more personal just send a note, The Smithess would be delighted to hear from you.

Little jumps of hoorah's
Every single order placed genuinely brings about a little whoop, a bit of a dance and definitely a big fat grin. Thank you for every single order.

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